The company name, which consists of an abbreviation of the words Thin-Walled Structures CONsulting, shows that we are focused to solving the problems of thin-walled structures.

Thin-walled structures are a specific kind of steel structures. This specification results from the effort to make walls as thin as possible is a natural optimization strategy to reduce dead weight and to minimize construction material. The design calculations required to estimate the strength, stability, and vibration of thin-walled structures are among the most complex problems encountered in structural design. In general, the calculations are limited to solutions of two-dimensional problems in elasticity or plasticity.

Our team has vast experience with analyses of several types of thin-wall structures. We have solved various problems – settlement, vibrations, buckling, loss of stability, thickness optimization, etc. Each of our solutions is based on our knowledge of structural mechanics and design principles. Within our own research & development activities and R&D in cooperation with Brno University of Technology we have drawn up several design rules that are our own know-how.

A big part of our services are focused on analyses of existing thin-walled structures. We are dedicated to improving asset integrity for our client through complex inspections support in whole lifecycle of structures. We are highly skilled in structural integrity analysis, management of inspection and decision making. Our solutions always seeking to reduce risk, assure safety, improve environmental performance and money saving.

Thin-walled structures main services range:

  • Stress analyses and stability analyses of all kinds of thin-wall shell structures (storage tanks, silos, containers, roofs, etc.).
  • Design of shell structures according to Eurocodes or other national standards.
  • Numerical analysis of shell structures using finite element method (FEM).
  • Analysis of the technical state of constructions, analysis of detected defects including a design of repairs.
  • Calculation of residual life time of structures and assessment of limit load.
  • Analysis of settlement of the structures.
  • Analysis of structures for seismic loads.
  • Visual inspection of steel structures and assembly of inspections plans.
  • Feasibility studies, consulting services in the field of thin-walled structures.
  • Draw up of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, including the processing of evaluation of results.