In cooperation with Mr. Miroslav Pohl we offer EMS DV 803, the trusted, reliable data acquisition system. We provide consultancy, support and service in the area of application of the EMS DV 803 data acquisition system. We perform modifications of EMS DV 803 according to type of installation and specific requirements according to customer needs.

EMS DV 803 is suitable for static and dynamic measurement in laboratory and also in industrial on-site environment. EMS DV 803 enables directional measurement up to 32 channels (strain gauge sensors, accelerometers, thermocouples and others probes in vary combinations). Each channel includes a preamplifier with a separate 16bit A/D converter with a sampling frequency of up to 3200 Hz.

EMS DV 803 is designed for stand-alone long and sort time measurement, for example measurement of mechanical stress, vibration, temperature, pressures, etc. Measured data are stored in Compact Flash internal memory type. Data are transferred to PC (notebook) by Ethernet interface. Communication with PC is realized by original utility program (for Windows XP or later). The operating programme is used for measuring management, displaying of measured data and their export for ASCII or other formats. Management of EMS DV 803 can be realized by remote access by GSM modem (GPRS / EDGE / 3G / LTE) or wireless WiFi module.

Technical Specification:

Number of channels:
  • 32 main channels, modular concept (4 sections)
  • 16 auxiliary channel (for example for power supply of diagonal-bridges)
Input Type:
  • strain gauges (quarter bridges, half bridges, whole bridges)
  • accelerometers (charge with amplifier, MEMS, ICP)
  • thermocouples, resistance thermometers
  • Voltage / Current Input (including auxiliary supply of sensors e.g. 24V)
  • user-defined sensors - possibility to produce specific input-output sections (e.g. for inductive sensors)
Sampling frequency:
  • up to 3200 Hz sampling rate per channel (optional from 50 Hz up to 3200 Hz)
A/D converter:
  • 16-bit A/D converter and per channel without multiplexing – all channels are measured synchronic
  • Better then ± 0,1 % (full measurement and temperature range)
  • Control 16bit processor (Motorola / Freescale)
  • Signal processor (Analog Devices)
  • Data memory Compact Flash type (capacity up to 64 GByte)
  • Direct entry into memory
  • selection of local extremes, filtration, time selection
  • Optional application of statistical methods ("rain flow method")
Standard Connectivity:
  • Ethernet, alternatively RS485, possibility installation in local net
Optional Connectivity:
  • GSM (GPRS / EDGE / 3G / LTE) modem, WiFi wireless Ethernet, optional TFT panel/display
Power supply:
  • 12 - 30 V DC, internal Li-Ion accumulator up to 7 hour runtime
Mechanical parameters:
  • Stand-alone unit in steel case with IP65 protection class (dimensions depending on case size – for example 330 x 230 x 110 mm)
Operating temperature:
  • From –20 up to +75 °C, optionally it is possible to enlarge the temperature range

References: More than 90 installations

Customer Project
Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno More than 20 installations (measurement in accredited laboratory No. 1228; in-situ measurement: bucket wheel excavators, Conventional power plants, Nuclear power plants Temelín and Dukovany)
VUT FAST Brno Institute of Building Testing – two installations
Institute of Metal and Timber Structures – one installation
Institute of Railway Structures and Constructions – One installation
Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components - One installation
VUT FSI Brno Institute of Process Engineering – one installation
NETME Centre – One installation
ČVUT FAST Praha (Department of Mechanics) 3 installations (Barrandov Bridge, railway bridge Břeclav)
VZÚ s.r.o. Plzeň 4 installations
TZÚS Praha, office Brno One installation
Vítkovice a. s. Ostrava 3 installations (forge in Kunčice)
MND Hodonín 2 installations (Storage tank in Klobouky near Brno)
Airport Mošnov One installation (measuring the load of the roof of the departure hall)
IVITAS a.s. Ostrava 8 installations (Coal power plants Tušimice and Prunéřov)
Preditest Praha One installation
Brown Coal Research Institute, Inc 2 installations
Evraz Ostrava forge Kvarto - One installation
Nuclear power plant Temelín 3 installations (dedicated system "SMS" for earthquake monitoring)
MSCB (pavilion D BVV) 2 installations (roof load measurement of pavilion "MSCB - Vida")
Klokner Institute ČVUT Praha One installation (measurement of mechanical displacements on the building of the Mercury Centre bus station in České Budějovice)
VUT FAST ADMAS Brno 7 installations (modification of the EMS DV 803 for usage in laboratory conditions)
Vítkovice ÚAM a.s. 6 installations
VTP Brno 6 installations (Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber - TITC)
ŘSD Praha One installation (Lochkovský bridge – permanent measuring)
ČVUT CIIRC Praha 4 installations
Prefa Kompozity Brno One installation (experimental measurement)
Klokner Institute ČVUT Praha 6 installations (experimental measurement in accredited laboratory No. 1061)
ČVUT UCEEB Praha One installation