We are dedicated to helping our customers to achieve safer and cheaper service of their steel structures thought our knowledge base of structural mechanics, international standards, industry best practices, and local or customer’s legislation. We specialize in structural integrity analyses of steel structures. We can combine our knowledge from several engineering areas to help achieve the longest service life for steel structures.

Visual Inspection

Elaboration of inspections plans for steel structures and performing of visual inspections. Creation of specific control procedures "Checklist" for steel structures.


Solving of problems connected with operation of structures and suggestions of corrective actions. Analyses of the degradation mechanisms, experimental design and simulation analysis. Scope and application of NDT methods, identification of critical places, and outline for corrective measures.


Consultancy services in solving of unexpected operational problems. Consultancy services in the area of strength analysis, design and analysis of steel structures. Consultancy services for investors.

Research & Development

Contract research in the area of structural mechanics and steel structures. Cooperation in national and international grant projects.

Steel structures main services range

  • Design of steel structures.
  • Stress, dynamic and seismic numerical analyses using FEM.
  • Analysis of structures for specific loads, established on the basis of experimental measurements.
  • Preparation of procedures for evaluation of durability of structure with consideration of specific degradation mechanisms.
  • Experimental analysis of structures - design of experimental laboratory measurements and in-situ measurements. Evaluation of measured data. Realization of experimental measurement with contracted partners.
  • Checking steel structures using NDT methods in collaboration with contractors and subsequent evaluation of founded flaws, including design of repairs.
  • Analyses of structural failures.