We provide storage tanks integrity services based on our in-depth industry knowledge, operational expertise, knowledge of leading technical inventions, local regulations and our customer specific requirements. On each project we work closely with our customers to understand what their technical and business needs are. We are good at listening and during our conversations with clients we determine the best way for a successful solution. Our team is prepared for future serious challenges to improve customers’ business. We are prepared to be your storage tanks integrity partner.

We identify areas for improvement in asset integrity for our clients. Our priority is to be proactive it means that our solutions are innovative and cost-effective, resulting in increased operating profit and safe and extended storage tanks operating lifetime. Our services generally includes on- or off- stream visual inspection and assessment according to codes API 653, EEMUA 159 or STI, evaluation of non-destructive testing (NDT) measurements, fitness for service (FFS) tank assessment according to API 759, BS 7910 or R6 procedures, and detailed repair plans. Our team also has vast experience with specific storage tanks that are not covered by EEMUA 159, API 653 or other standards. We have done several structural analyses of boxed, horizontal and buried tanks. We can draw up tailored inspection processes based on local services conditions, local regulations and knowledge of structural mechanics of thin-walled structures.

We are also highly skilled in storage tank design, especially with structural and stability analysis. We are good at structural stress analyses by using finite element methods (FEM) that are inseparable part of our analyses and decision making processes. We provide support for the constructor at the design phase. We also perform technical supervision during construction of storage tanks.

Storage tanks services range

  • Analysis of the technical condition of storage tanks according to EEMUA 159, API 653, STI R-111, UL 142 standards or set up tailor-made procedures of maintenance for specific storage tanks.
  • Design of storage tanks according to EN 14015, API 650, or according to other specific standards.
  • Stress analysis of atypical storage tanks using the finite element method (FEM).
  • Application of risk based inspection (RBI) and reliability centred maintenance (RCM) methods.
  • Analysis of the effects of degradation mechanisms on the structure of storage tanks.
  • Planning of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, including the processing of evaluation of results by using of Fitness-for-service (FFS) methods and the design of repairs.
  • Elaboration of inspections plans for storage tanks and performing of visual inspections.
  • Utilization of own ASTlife programme system, which is an innovative solution to lifetime monitoring of storage tanks, including terminal piping and facilities.

What we are unique in

We offer complex inspections support in the whole lifecycle of storage tank terminals. Our solutions are always tailored and covers vary kinds of storage tanks (above ground, buried, vertical, horizontal, cylindrical, boxed, etc.) and their various problems (settlement, vibrations, buckling, loss of stability, thickness optimization, etc.).