We actively support engineers and technical staff in increasing in their knowledge and skills especially in the area of design and analysis; inspection and maintenance planning; technical condition assessment of steel structures and technological devices. Our activities in this field are focused on training, seminars and webinars. Training are oriented on to deliver a comprehensive set of knowledge in a short time. On the other side the seminars organized by us are more social event - meetings for experts in the same field. The third activity are webinar that are irregular online presentation of interested topics.

Organised events


Our company supports and assists for technical staff in developing their knowledge and skills. We offer various training in the area of design, inspections and maintenance planning, technical condition assessment of steel structures and technological devices.
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We are fully aware that the sharing of knowledge and experience is essential for the successful development of human society. Therefore, we have decided to organize seminars as a regular opportunity for meetings of industry experts and operators to exchange operational and technical experience. We are pleased that in the short time period we have been organizing the seminars we have had many participants who regularly attend and some of them have become speakers at the seminars. We regularly organizing two seminars “Inspection, maintenance and operation of steel storage tanks and pipeline systems” and “Inspection and structural integrity assessment of mechanical static equipment and technological structures”.
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In 2020, when the whole world was affected by COVID-19 virus, we started organizing webinars as a partial replacement of our traditional seminar. We remain in their irregular organization to these days.
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