Structural stress analysis of bolted storage tank: Reactor R301 - type VÍTKOVICE Ø 21,84 m / 14C

Project Description

Bolted storage-tank/ Reactor R301 is designed for medium with density 1075 kg/m3. Fermenter is VÍTKOVICE type with diameter 21,84 m and height 19,25 m (14 courses), with flat bottom and fixed roof. Maximal operational temperature is 37°C and maximal operational pressure 25mbar and maximal operational vacuum 5mbar. A vertical mixer is located in the roof canopy. Location of storage tank is Veolia Krakow - Grajewo. For the calculation of structural stress and deformations of the structure the global numerical geometrically nonlinear elastic analysis was used. Analysis was done using finite elements method in particular the RFEM programme.

  • Client

    WITKOWITZ ENVI a.s., Czech Republic

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