Structural stress and stability analysis of distillation column C544.1

Project Description

It is a replacement of the existing distillation column by new distillation column, which will be made from Titan Gr.2 material. Distillation columns C544.1 and C544.2 are one structural unit – connected with platforms. Structural stress and stability analyses was made according to EN 13445-3 standard and propriate Eurocode standards - EN 1993-1-6, EN 1991-1-4, EN 1991-1-3, EN 1993-1-1, EN 1990. Numerical analyses of the structure were made using the RFEM and RWIND programme, which is based on the FEM respectively CFD methods.

  • Client

    RIOS spol. s r.o. - Czech Republic

  • Year

    2020, 2021